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Exquisite Perfume Fragrances

Exquisite Fragrances

Exquisite Perfume Fragrances

by Aloe Herbal

We are passionate about creating new and innovative fragrances that will excite your senses. The Aloe Herbal range of fragrances combine the traditional Arabic ranges with there western counterparts. Our Oudh fragrances are baseline fragrances with a special formula to make exceptional, indulgent fragrances to incite your senses.

Featuring some of the popular and renowned scents that are commonly available in the attar market our combinations are renowned for there unique and powerful smells that are subtle yet unique in there smell. Our 3 main types of fragrances are Musk & Amber, Warm & Woody and Fresh & Floral.

Our special fragrance offerings include special attars producing a unique character and dimension to the fragrance. All our fragrance products are supplied in wholesale quantities allowing you to sell them to your retail customers. We have packaging to suit all sizes depending on your requirements.

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